Extending the Life of the Sundance Generating Station in Alberta using Coal-to-Gas Conversion

The Sundance generating station (Sundance) is the largest coal-fired generating facility in Alberta.  It is located about 70 kilometres west of the City of Edmonton, and has a generating capacity of 1,861 MW – down by about 280 MW after the January 1st retirement of one of its coal units. It is also the oldest… Read More

Making Sense Of The Recent Coal-To-Gas Conversion Announcements In Alberta

This spring has been “coal-to-gas conversion season” in Alberta.  First, TransAlta announced in April that it would be accelerating the conversion of its wholly owned coal-fired generation plants to gas prior to the end of their useful lives. TransAlta plans to convert Sundance Units 3 to 6 and Keephills Units 1 and 2 to gas… Read More

Renewables are great! But Who is Developing the Needed Dispatchable Power Projects in Alberta?

Alberta has committed to phase out 6,300 MW of coal-fired capacity and provide financial support for 5,000 MW of new renewable power projects between now and 2030. The net result of this commitment is that the province will need at least 9,000 MW of new dispatchable power to replace the balance of the phased-out coal,… Read More